The NextHome Real Estate Dogs Welcome you!


adjective: 1. having tenacity and persistence. “success required dogged determination” synonyms: determined, purposeful, persevering, tireless


Real Estate Dogs?  Are we serious?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, we are serious about providing the finest real estate experience in the industry by incorporating the best tools including the latest technology.  Yes, we are serious when we say we will treat you like family.  And yes, we are serious when we say that a closed transaction is not the end, but the beginning of our relationship with you.

But ourselves, well let’s just say we like to make fun.  And have fun.  Face it – Dogs are fun!  When we undertook this endeavor, we asked ourselves; what are the most important qualities, the attitudes and the work ethic we need to provide our clients in order to be successful.  Then we took a look at Luke, the NextHome mascot.  What could we learn from our furry, four-legged friend.  Well first off, a dog is “man’s (and ladies) best friend” So we want to be your best friend in Real Estate.  Friends can be counted on.  Friends are helpful.  But most of all . . . Friends care.

Dogs are loyal – our commitment to you will always be our highest priority.  Dogs are hunters.  We will search far and wide to find the right home for our buyers and we dig deep to find qualified buyers for our sellers.  Dogs are intuitive.  There is more to Real Estate than just what is readily visible.  You can rely on our vast experience to uncover and expose issues before they become problems.  Dogs are tenacious.  Successful Real Estate transactions are rarely simple matters.  In fact, often the most rewarding outcomes are proceeded by the most difficult processes.  Where others give up, we clamp down.  If there is a way forward we will find it and we won’t quit until we have reached the end.

So even though we treat our duties to our customers and community seriously . . . well, we are proud to be treated like Dogs.  NextHome Real Estate Dogs!

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